• Are your windows closed and locked?
  • Are your windows sensor activated?
  • Have you secured your garage and shed windows with locks?


  • Are your lights on a switch timer or smart bulb with timer? Make sure your home looks occupied, an empty home is far more tempting.
  • Is your home alarm on?
  • Are your valuable items such as jewellery, car keys, laptops, iPads, cash and phones out of sight?
  • Are your chargers and cables for laptops or iPads out of view?
  • Have you created a written and photographic record of any items of value? (both valuable or sentimental)


  • Is your front door double or deadlocked?
  • Are all the doors to your home locked?
  • Are your door keys kept out of sight (but close to hand in case of an emergency?)
  • Lock front and back doors, even when you are in the house and particularly overnight.


  • Are your outside lights on a sensor?
  • Have you cut down tall hedges from around the outside of your home?
  • Is all the packaging from expensive items i.e. laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles disposed of out of sight?
  • Are your vehicles locked and valuables removed?
  • Are your sheds, side gates, garages and outbuildings locked?
  • Are items that can be used to break in i.e. bricks , rubble, ladders and garden equipment put away?
  • Don’t leave wheelie bins where they could be used by someone to climb over a wall or fence.
  • Are valuable items such as power tools, strimmer’s, pressure washers securely locked away?
  • Consider marking your belongings with a UV pen or forensic property marking technology such as Smartwater.

Taking some simple measures can help prevent your home from being targeted by burglars.

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